Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful November Catch Up - Thanksgiving Day

So I've been slacking with Thankful November but I guess I've had some other things on my mind. Over the past few days, I have gained an entire new appreciation for today, Thanksgiving, and I'm going to rattle off some of the things that have made my 'thankful list' over the course of the last few days:
Mommy intuition to catch a cancerous tumor early
A world-class Children's hospital close by
The "Leaders and Best" - an incredible team of fast acting medical experts who couldn't have been more thorough, accommodating, understanding, honest and communicative with us
Successful surgery
The most caring nurses I could ask for taking care of our son
An absolutely amazing support system, including HUNDREDS of Facebook and blog comments, prayers and well wishes
Family who sat at our side while we waited for hours for outcomes
Friends who have been there every step of the way
Neighbors who sent the most amazing care packages
Fellow bloggers, Alex, Kalyn and Leah,for the most touching blog posts ever
Cousins who take in our high maintenance dog
Coworkers who have sent emails and texts and made visits, reminding me to give everything I have to Easton and not worry about work
My amazingly strong husband who has been my rock through this all
And last by certainly not least, we are so thankful for the power of prayer. Without all the love, prayers and support we've received, we wouldn't have gotten through this without them!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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  1. Great post, Court. So happy to hear that Easton's back at home and doing well. Love you!