Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pinteresting Idea - DIY Blog Party

Last week I linked up with a DIY Blog Party for some holiday decor inspirtation/motivation and I'm super excited to have more reasons to be crafty! So here's to week 1.

Dare thankful!!
As I was putting away my Halloween decor and pulling out my fall/Thanksgiving decor, I realized I'm severly lacking decor for Thanksgiving. I don't have a good "fall" selection - everything is either Halloween or Chrismtas, with the exception of a few ceramic pilgrims from my grandma and a scarecrow my mom picked up for me last year. So while I have been on the lookout for a few more 'fall' things, I decided to try my hand, or Easton's to be exact,  at some Thanksgiving decor.
Yes, Easton is eating puffs off the floor. It was the only way I could distract him while I painted his hand. I had to do one finger at a time because all he wanted to do was put his hand in his mouth. This kid will do anything for puffs. 

Hating fingerpainting! I hope I didn't traumitize him for kindergarten.
This project was super easy. I used a 5x7 canvas, and bought several different colors of paint (red, orange, green, yellow and brown). I started by painting the palm of Easton's hand brown, and put that on the canvas. Next, I did each finger, one at a time, and each a different color. Before you press the fingers down, make sure you match up the palm every time so the fingers are lined up. You will also want to wait a few minutes between each fingers to let the previous paint dry. It actually took me two nights to do this because Easton was not very happy with me after 3 fingers so I figured I better give it a rest. When you've done the whole hand, use a skinny shapie to draw feet and eyes (I used a googly eye) and orange paint for the gobbler.

 The final product!
I am in love with this! I can't wait to display it year after year to remember Easton's first Thanksgiving!
Dare to DIY


  1. This is super cute! I would not have had the patience to wait another day to finish my project.

  2. So so so cute! I did this with my girls last year! What a treasure to keep! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a new follower! Have a wonderful day!

  3. This is so cute! You should make one every year and have a whole family of them and his growing hand...although what would you do with them all? :)

  4. Hi Courtney! Love the painted turkey/hand. So precious, and believe me you will go back and look at it year after year. They grow up so fast! We did a turkey/hand project too. Would love to have you stop by and check it out! I am a new follower of yours.

  5. love it! it turned out so cute! i need to do some holiday projects with cam for sure.

  6. I low this project so so much! And I can just see an entire collection of turkeys after a few years. And I'm also wondering how this could be translated for
    Other holidays? Christmas trees, Easter eggs... I just love the concept!

    Thanks souch for linking up to Dare to DIY. I so appreciate it.

  7. I LOVE this!! And I am stealing the idea!