Monday, November 7, 2011

7 months already!?!

**Caution: Photo Overload**

19lbs and 27 inches long (rough estimate)

Happy First Fall big guy! Not much new on the development track, but that hasn't stopped us from having a super fun month.

We started off the month with your first cold, and this wasn't fun for anyone. Cough, sniffles and late night wake-ups got the best of us, and while I didn't mind the extra snuggles, I was glad to say goodbye to it.

You  upgraded to the big bathtub this month and have taken a  liking to "swimming".

You visited your first cider mill, went for your first hayride, picked your first pumpkin, and even took your first 'face-in-hole' photo. Mommy and daddy enjoyed warm donuts and cider, and you weren't too thrilled when we wouldn't share with you. The donuts are all you next year, I promise!

Then Daddy and I carved pumpkins while you talked our ears off. We made you a pumpkin twin. :)

We had an Oktoberfest block party with the neighbors this month. While you were a little young to partake in most of the activities, including the bounce house and cookie decorating, you enjoyed Carly's exersaucer and were passed around like a hot potato. I can't wait for future years when you are able to really join in the fun.

And what is October without Halloween? We really made the most of this holiday and you got your full wear out of your giraffe costume. The festivities started with the Boo Bash in downtown Milford. Next up was the Lake Sherwood Halloween Party, again with your cousins, and buddy Cal. And last, but certainly not least, you had your first trick-or-treating experience! Daddy took you around with the neighbors and you were out for the count 2 houses in. No worries, Daddy still collected candy for you!
Silly giraffe at the Boo Bash

Monsters Zain and Cal at the Lake Sherwood party
 All the boys with Grandma and Papa and Nanny and Grandpa Bill
Trick or Treating time with the dads!
Sleepy giraffe

You and Cooper have really grown on each other. You love laying on the floor with him, try to hold his paws, pet him and love when he licks your face.

New on the menu this month are meats. And you love them, go figure! We've introduced you to chicken n' dumplings, chicken n' apples and your favorite, spaghetti (all in puree form of course!) You have also taken a liking to puffs, yogurt bites and wagon wheels. After a little practice, you have managed to get them from the tray into your mouth. And you just can't do it fast enough! Mommy and daddy have to watch you very carefully, or limit the number on your tray, because you'll stuff them in your mouth one after the other without chewing and choke yourself.

7 month likes:
blowing bubbles and wet razz's
belly raspberries
watching tv
baby juda's walker
being tickled

& dislikes:
teething (as do mommy and daddy) - just cut through already!
being tired

7 month photos:


  1. Loved the picture overload! Such a cutie.

  2. What a cutie! I love his little hoodie in the pumpkin patch pics. And you are so lucky for living in a neighborhood with so many kids!

  3. He ate his 7 month number, I LOVE him. Perfect little update!~

  4. Yes, the sticker must have tasted delish. :)