Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I can breathe again

I can hardly keep my eyes open, but wanted to send a quick update. A 9am surgery got bumped to 11, only to get bumped to 1:43pm - that's 14 hours from his last feeding! The morning actually wasn't as bad as intended, considering we had an extra 3+ hours to distract a very hungry baby.

According to the doctors, surgery went as well as could be expected, or better than expected if you ask me. His right kidney and appendix were removed, along with a tumor weighing in at 2/3lbs! The tumor was encapsulated which is the best news if all. Drs are still confident it is a Wilms tumor and based on what they can tell thus far, chemotherapy will not be needed! This wont be confirmed until Pathology takes a closer look at it, and being that tomorrow is a holiday, it could be a few days. This is seriously the best case scenario and our fingers and toes are crossed. Please continue to keep us in your prayers until we know more. For now, we will camp out on Mott 7.

Easton is recovering nicely. Of course it's always difficult to see your child in any sort if pain (and thankfully the tumor wasn't causing pain) and I'm sure when he 'comes to', he will nit be impressed with all the darn cords. Our focus for the next few days is to make sure Easton is comfortable and provide him with anything he needs. We are looking forward to going home soon!

I'll post more later but this girl needs to catch sme zzz's. Thank you for the outpour of love and support!

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