Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinteresting Ideas

I know I often complain about not having time to cook, clean or watch tv, but I do manage to find time for blogging and pinterest -- funny how that works! Here is a sneak peek of some of the crafts we've made - and I say we because Easton has helped. :)

This was super easy, and super cheap.

wood frame for $1 at Michaels
a small bottle of green paint for like .79 cents
 three packages of googly eyes ($2 each - I bought variety pack for different sizes)
about 1/3 yard of black ribbon
wooden letters that were like .19 cents each
a couple small foam bushes.

I think I spent a total of like $10. I started by painting the frame and letters green, the proceeded to glue the googly eyes on the frame. I started using a glue stick, but then switched to super glue because I wasn't sure how well the glue stick would hold on the wood. Once the eyes were all one, I wrapped the ribbon tightly around the bottom and glued it down on the back, and the used the hot glue gun to adhere the letters. Voila!  Now I just need to print some Halloween pictures.

Next up, family ghost feet! Check out Kalyn's page for step by step directions. I had a hard time capturing pictures in the making.  I still can't believe I convinced Bryan to participate. Here is the (almost) final product.

Last weekend we had an organized girl's craft night. Being a mom is a full time job and as in real life, we all enjoy breaks from work, so therefore my girlfriends and I were in need of a kid-free night out, and what better idea than to all make a craft together. It was a blast as always, and we walked away with new decor for our house. We decided to make a winter decoration that we saw on pinterest (where else!), and was again a super easy, inexpensive craft.

3 wine bottles (different shapes and sizes are good)
white spray primer
spray adhesive
epsom salt
silver sticks

Because there were several of us, we needed lots of wine bottles - check!

We opted to remove the labels. Not sure this is 100% necessary, but we thought it would look better - and it does. Next, spray the bottles with white primer. We sprayed half of all the bottles, let them dry, and then sprayed the other half. Once the primer is dry, spray the bottles with adhesive, and then roll them in the epsom salt.

Arrange bottles on a silver platter with accessories to your liking - I chose silver sticks from Michaels, silver beads and sparkly silver ornament. Small tea candles may be added....

And lastly, as I mentioned before, the Christmas countdown blocks. We are already counting down at our house!

That's all for now. Check back soon for new crafts that are in the works, assuming Easton cooperates.


  1. I love the googley eye frame! All of your crafts turn out so nice. I only have enough spare time for blogging and reading blogs :(

  2. Hey Court! I received this award today and wanted to pass it on to you! I love reading your blog and watching Easton grow! This is why I am awarding you the Sunshine award. You can find out more about it here if you would like.