Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! As much as I dread Mondays, I started off the day with this -- no complaining here!

I wasn't as producitve as I would have liked this weekend, but I was busy tending to a baby who wanted extra snuggles. We had Easton's 6 month check-up on Friday afternoon and he was feeling the effects over the weekend. Thankfully, the little guy is feeling much better and hopefully I can get to the 'reds' sooner than later.

Work 1/2 day
Easton's 6 months check-up
Thirty One party at a neighbors

Help good friends/our new neighbors at their new house - our neighborhood welcomed a new family this weekend and it just so happens they are great friends of ours. Jen and I go way back -- we actually went to preschool together, and have been friends since I can remember! Not only do they have 2 little rascals, but Jen is pregnant, so I knew they could use extra hands moving in and getting settled. So, I loaded up the stroller with the pack n' play and diaper bag and walked on over, and it worked out perfectly with Easton's nap - little guy slept for nearly 3 hours while I helped them get settled.
Rick and Britt's wedding - Auntie Jessie is on babysitting duty and Easton can't wait! I was a little nervous leaving Easton for the night knowing he was feeling under the weather, but I knew Auntie Jessie would take great care of him and wouldn't mind lots of snuggles. Thanks Auntie Jessie for helping us out! And congrats BRICK! 

Fall photo shoot - despite Easton feeling under the weather, I think we got a couple good ones. Can't wait to see them. Thanks Lexi.
Spend the afternoon at Uncle Jim and Aunt Katie's Nana and Papa Choo-Choo's
Meal plan/grocery shop
Easton's 6 month blog
(I'll get to this soon - promise!)
Go for a run - 3 miles (Go me!)

Not only was it was it a great weekend, but it's an exciting week in Detroit -- The Lions are on Monday Night Football with the Tigers playing a matinee ALCS game....Tues/Wed/Thurs home Tiger ALCS games annnnd we finish off the week with a Wings home game on Thursday night. It's good to be us! 

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  1. I hope the Lions win--my fantasy football team depends on them! Glad you had a great weekend! =)