Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halfway to One!

17lbs 3oz, 26 3/4inches long

Happy Half Birthday to You, Happy Half Birthday to You, Happy Half Birthday Dear Easton, Happy Half Birthday to you!!!!

I cannot believe you already 6 months -- which means, only 6 months until your 1st birthday! I better get my butt in gear and start planning for the big celebration -- as if I don't already have the date set and a list of ideas going! ;)
You continue to be a great eater. You started having breakfast this month and I think it's your favorite meal of the day - just like daddy! You scarf down oatmeal like it's your job and love it mixed with any type of fruit, especially bananas. You also had zucchini, acorn squash, plums, blueberries and peaches this month, and don't seem to prefer one over the other.
And for the record, you are back to sleeping through the night! As much as mommy misses those late night nursing sessions, she loves her sleep -- and so do you! On average, you sleep from 8:30pm-7am, but babble in your crib until about 7:30am when I come to the rescue. Mommy gets you changed and dressed and then we (yes, both of us) enjoy a nice nursing before heading off in different directions for the day. Aside form sleeping through the night, you love naps (I mean, who doesn't!) and are one to let us know when you are tired. You also are capable of giving yourself a bottle, which gives mommy a break.
You have perfected your ability to sit and have really begun reaching for things in front of you. While you haven't learned your reaching limits, you are determined to get the toy in front of you and sometimes lose your balance and face-plant into the floor. No worries, mommy and daddy come to the rescue and help you back into position. We have also been practicing crawling, but you look more like a carpet swimmer.
We celebrated Papa's 60th Birthday with a "Par Tee" for him and Uncle Tim at Grandma and Papa's house! This was a huge milestone for Papa and I know he was so proud to have you, and all your cousins there for the celebration. It's always fun to get together with the family and get the traditional 'boys shot'. It's so fun to see how you are all growing.
Carson, Wyatt, Easton and Zain
I seriously can't believe how fast you are growing. People always told me the time goes fast, but I really didn't believe them. So for now, I'm just focusing on YOU and giving you everything I've got.

Current Likes:
Cooper is your new bff
Your swing (but only your outdoor one)
The tickle monster

And Current Dislikes
The indoor swing (although you love it at Miss Dawn's)
Having your diaper changed
Being tired

And here's your 6 month photos:

Each month with you gets better and better and continues to be the best month of my life. Keep the good times comin' little man.

I love you.

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