Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap

So, I failed to plan the weekend -- not really, I just failed to blog about it. I had big plans for this weekend and big plans were accomplished.

Took the day off work :) Trees were scheduled to be delivered and installed and someone needed to be home to delegate where they went, etc.
Cleaned the house -- thanks to mom for her help and motivation
Costco run - the most expensive one ever, at that! Ended up buying 2 new chairs for the living room and am super happy with thm
Surprise 30th birthday party for a family friend
Yardwork -- and lots of it! We had to make some final touches to the patio, plus 8 trees were planted at our house on Friday afternoon/Saturday morning, which meant 8 trees needed some major TLC
Continue working on project for Easton's room
Dinner at mom and dad's
More yardwork - clean up around trees, weed, mulch
Trip to Angelo's and Home Depot
More yardwork
Family walk
Make dinner
Meal Plan - see side panel
Enjoy a glass of wine on the newly finished patio, finallllly!

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