Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Seriously, where do the weekends go? I think the fact that I'm always so busy doesn't help. Time just seems to fly! Here's a recap of our weekend. (green = done, red = not done, blue = added to list)

* Birthday/engagement celebration for a family friend
* Sleepover with my nephew, Cash - sooo fun!

* Milford Memories with my mom - Coll and the boys and Dad tagged along. It was fun, until the rain came pouring down.
* Wedding shower for Britt
* Beer tent at Milford Memories - Easton with be with Grandma and Papa :)

* Breast Cancer 3-Day cheering station to see Auntie Jessie
* Out to breakfast with Meghan and Sarah, and of course Easton
* Go to the nursery to pick out and order trees - nursery closed on Sundays
* Create a daily cleaning schedule - starting with today!
* Meal plan for the week/grocery shop
* Squeeze in a walk - played with the neighbors instead
* Wash and prepare bottles for daycare on Monday 

A pretty successful weekend if you ask me.  I really need to step it up with my cleaning though. Here's to hoping I can get my new cleaning schedule underway. My goal is to divvy up the housework so that I do a little big each day throughout the week and that will make my weekends much more enjoyable. Here is what I'm thinking -- fingers crossed I can at least have a successful first week!

vacuum hardwood floors and wipe down kitchen counters

clean half bath, vacuum and dust den, and living room

dust and vacuum office, guest bedroom, Easton's room and master bedroom

clean Easton's bathroom and master bath

Did I forget anything?

Sticking to my meal plan will be another challenge. I've made a meal plan before, and following is where I always fail. It's not that I don't have the ingredients, it's just that something else always seems easier, quicker, etc. But this weeks meal plan looks delicious and I really hope I can stick it out. 

What's on the Menu:
Sunday: Miscellaneous - Bryan went golfing so we did our own thing
Monday: Jalapeno Chicken
Tuesday: Shepherds Pie
Wednesday: Couscous Stuffed Peppers
Thursday: Balsamic Chicken
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: snacks for Kenny Chesney - Salsa Wraps and Fiesta Orzo Salad??

A couple photos from the weekend:

Have a great week!!!

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