Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holy FOUR!

14lbs 6oz, 25 inches long

You are a summer baby! You love everything that has to do with the outdoors, aside from the sun in your eyes, but that's what baby sunglasses are for. You enjoy spending time outside doing anything from hanging with the neighbors, helping mommy do yardwork, and going for walks. You do especially well in the Baby Bjorn which allows mommy to be hands-free. You went for your first boat ride at Grandma and Papa’s and although you slept through a majority of it, you seemed pretty content during the time you were awake.

You've discovered your toes and apparently think they taste pretty good. You also found your voice and enjoy making high pitched squeals and laughing. You are extremely ticklish and your laugh is BEYOND contagious! You never stop talking and love telling us all sorts of stories.
Mommy returned to work full-time on August 1st. You have continued to make this transition back to work easy easier by cooperating with the morning routine. You are getting used to your new schedule and I think Miss Dawn and Leah really enjoy spending their days with you. We are super lucky that Grandma wants to spend extra time with you and helps out with daycare when she can.

You experienced several 'firsts' this month. We pulled out your Bumbo seat early this month, as you were getting bored of the activity mat - swing rotation. You have great neck control (Grandma calls you a turtle) so we knew you'd do well in this. It's nice to have you join us at the dinner table too. ;) We introduced you to your jumperoo, and although your legs aren't quite long enough to reach the ground, you sure are enjoying it! There are lots of colors and new gadgets to stimulate you. After lots and lots of practice, you filled rolled over back to front, just shy of your 4 month birthday. Thankfully Grandma got it on video to make up for mommy and daddy not being there to see it. 
Current likes:
* bumbo seat
* jumparoo
* playing the 'drums' with mommy
* Cooper - you must think he's silly the way you smile and laugh at him
* speaking of laugh, you looove to laugh
* rolling from back to front

& dislikes:
* when Cooper barks – it startles you
* sitting in a dirty diaper
* being on your tummy, which is a problem b/c you love to roll back to front, but are not as big of a fan of rolling front to back

Here's a few shots from your 4 month photo shoot:
Easton, you are SUCH a good, happy and enjoyable (and of course, handsome) baby, and are overall, pretty easy to please. It's not often that you cry without having a reason, which makes mommy and daddy very grateful. We feel so blessed to have you for our son!

I love you!

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  1. we have pictures of Timothy in his jumperoo with a pillow under his feet too! :)