Wednesday, August 24, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Inside the Bag

Yes, I know, I'm breakin' the blogging law and posting an entry on Wordless Wednesday. I hope the blog police go easy on me. :) I will, however, defend myself and admit that the majority of this post was actually written last night.

As a new mom, choosing a diaper bag was a big deal to me - I had many things to consider. First and foremost, it was bound to become my right-hand shoulder man, and therefore it needed to be stylish. I wanted a diaper bag that was gender neutral -- not only because we opted to not find out the sex of our baby, but because if I had any hope of Bryan carrying it, it couldn't be feminine. I know how my husband feels about holding my purse, therefore knew he would not be caught dead carrying a pink, flowery diaper bag. Aside from the look, it had to be practical, with a spot for everything, pockets for all the little odds n' ends, and big enough, yet as small as possible. And of course, it had to match our black stroller. After talking to friends, and shopping around, I ended up with Vera Bradley's Baby Bag in Baroque and I love it!
Now, I believe you can tell a lot about a mom by looking at their diaper bag. The contents of a diaper bag varies from baby-to-baby and mom-to-mom. What I have in Easton's diaper bag, doesn't necessarily mean it's what other people should/will have in theirs and vice versa. It's what works for us! And when I said that the diaper bag needed to be big enough, yet as small as possible - this cuts it! It's the perfect size - big enough to hold everything I need it to hold, but not so big that it ends up with unnecessary items. The diaper bag often doubles as a purse and I find myself tossing my keys, sunglasses, phone and a credit card into one of the many side pockets for easy access, so I'm not stuck lugging a baby, diaper bag, purse, stroller, etc. everywhere I go.

The contents:
1. Diapers  - duh!
2. Bibs - yes, multiple!
3. Little giraffe blanky
4. Giraffe toy
5. Wipes
6. Paci clip and extra paci(s)
7. Extra outfit or 2
8. Camera and video camera - gotta be ready for those kodak moments
9. Arm n' Hammer dirty diaper bags
10. Sophie the Giraffe - a favorite!
11. Gas drops and Tylenol, plus a thermometer
12. Butt Paste
13. Aveeno lotion - mainly for me
14. A WubbaNub, giraffe of course
15. Burp clothes - multiple, again!
16. Changing pad - for between those nasty, germy changing tables and my precious baby
17. Hand sanitizer and chapstick - again, for me
18. Time killers - rattle, rings and teether

What am I forgetting?

It continues to amaze me how much this diaper bag holds for it's size and that everything truly has a place inside. On any given day, you could find a few additional, non-everyday items including a hat, baby sunglasses and perhaps some formula and bottle for backup. But other than that, it's pretty standard and doesn't require much daily repacking/reorganizing. My only struggle when it comes to the diaper bag is remembering to restock the diapers!

I think it will be fun to check in periodically and see how the contents have changed overtime as Easton gets older.


  1. I will be blogging about your blog later! :)

  2. I have the same bag, just in a different pattern! It's funny because when I first got it (I didn't pick it out) I was afraid it would be too small! I now think it's too big. After going back to work briefly and having to carry a purse I now use a big, slouchy purse as my bag. It hold everything I need for now. I basically have everything you do, but I also have my nursing cover and a sling. Oh and a snack for me :-)