Monday, August 1, 2011

One month already!

8lbs 10oz, 21¾ inches long (at 3 week appt.)

You’ve been a member of this family for a month now. Time sure does fly – even when you’re sleep deprived and running on E (us, not you!) Your first few weeks home were filled with lots of eating, sleeping and diaper changes. And lots more visitors, too.

Nanny and Grandpa Bill (Easton's great-grandparents!)

Auntie Lauren and Uncle Jake!

We tested out the water as soon as we got home, and to no surprise, you loved it. Bathtime has become part of our daily routine and we all have so much fun with it!

You are a pretty good sleeper. You camped out in our room with us for the first week and transitioned to your crib with no problem. You are spending more time awake during the day and are sleeping 4-5 hour shifts at night.

You had your first playdate with cousins Carson (right) and Wyatt (left) – ok, it was more of a playdate for mommy and Aunt Cari, but no worries, you’ll have lots more of these in your future. Carson and Wyatt are just 5 days older than you so you'll grow up together just like their mommy and I did!

You celebrated your first holiday at just 18 days old -- Easter at Nana and Papa Jim’s and pretty much slept through the whole thing.

Some things you liked:
*mommy’s milk
*movement – any type of movement; bouncing, rocking, vibrating, etc.
*being swaddled
*snuggling on mommy’s chest in the morning
*your daddy- you were turning your head to his voice from day 1

And others not so much:
*being hungry
*tummy time – you rolled front to back for the first time at just 20 days old!
*sitting still - daddy blames this on me for never sitting still when I was pregnant

And here are your 1 month photos:

Keep growing little one. I'm having so much fun watching you.

I love you.

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