Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful November - Day 1 (a day late)

I stumbled across a blog entry today that I fell in love with the idea of. So, like Jack's mommy, in keeping with the spirit of the month and the holiday that it holds, everyday between now and the end of the month, I'm going to try to share something that I am thankful for. I'm one day late....but better late than never!

My best friend, husband and soulmate. I am so thankful that you chose me to be your wife and the mother of your child. I don't know how you put up with me, but you do, and I am thankful for that! Thank you for loving me and for giving me everything I want in life. Most importantly, you gave me our son, and for that, I am beyond thankful.
And I thought I loved you then....