Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Inside the Bag

Awhile back, I gave you a sneak peek inside what has become my purse; Easton's diaper bag. I promised that  I would check back as Easton grew up to see how things have changed, and what better time to do it than on Toddle Along Tuesday: Diaper Bag Edition!
So here I am, a year into mommyhood, and I'm still using, and happy with, my Vera Bradley diaper bag! It's not only stylish but it's durable, practical and easy to clean. As Easton has grown over the course of the past year, his needs have changed, therefore the contents of the diaper bag have changed, so I'm here to give you an update!

1. Paci wipes - because when Easton doesn't want his paci, on the floor it goes!
2. Diapers and wipes, duh!
3. Changing pad, because I'm OCD when it comes to laying Easton on those random changing tables
4. Butt Paste - because, well, diaper rash happens!
5. Baby food pouches and a spoon
6. Baby Tylenol
7. Hand sanitizer and chapstick for me
8. Rattle, which can probably be retired
9. Extra paci and paci clip, to help avoid the paci being tossed on the ground
10. Snacks for Easton - cherrios, goldfish and 'surfboards'
11. A ball - Easton's favorite
12. Change of clothes
13. Book
14. Sippy cup
15. Arm n' Hammer disposable bags for poopy diapers on-the-go

At any given time, you can also likely find a pair of Easton's socks, which he enjoys taking off, a hoodie for these chilly spring days and my keys, phone and credit card. Although for my birthday this past year, the hubby got me Coach's latest crossbody purse, which makes carrying a purse and a diaper bag totally feasable. Better yet, it makes leaving the diaper bag in the car while running into a store carrying a baby on your hip totally feasable! :)

I'll be back for another "Inside the Bag" update in a few months! 


  1. Love your bag! We have and use most of the stuff in your bag too. So funny about the mum mums. My hubby calls them 'surfboards' also! hehe

  2. The Vera Bradley bags are starting to grow onto me. I think I might get one for a girlfriend who is currently expecting. Those bags looks so roomy!

  3. Such a cute bag and our contents look very similar!