Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12 = 1!

(21 lbs 11oz (30th percentile), 30 inches tall (55th percentile) -- and a 19 inch head (92nd percentile) for the record!)

I don't know how it happened, but somehow, someway, you are ONE!!  It just doesn't seem possible that you have already been here for an entire year. The first year of your life has, by far, been the best year of ours! You are such a happy, smart, giggly and brave little boy and your daddy and I couldn't be more proud than to say you are 'ours'. We love you so much and look forward to watching you grow and create your future!
the day you were born 4.6.11

This past month was a busy one. You celebrated many firsts which included your first St. Patty's Day, your first vacation, your first plane ride,  your first time in a pool and ocean, and your first trip to the beach. That's right, we went to Florida, and by "we", I mean I was crazy enough to travel alone with you. :)

You eat like a rockstar, aside from the fact that 42 pieces of food end up on the floor during every meal. You love feeding yourself (and Cooper) and won't eat any pureed food for me, but have no problem eating it for Miss Dawn. Your favorite is grilled cheese, but mac n' cheese, hot dogs and perogies aren't far behind. You also love fruit - bananas, peaches, pears, blueberries and grapes to name a few. And now that we get to try strawberries, I'm sure those will be a hit too! We have begun weaning you off formula and you don't seem to mind milk - our biggest challenge is going to be breaking the bottle!

 This past month you learned all about sharing and Grandma enjoyed letting you feed her your Cherrios.

Your vocabulary is expanding daily and currently includes 'ball', 'uh oh', 'dada', 'sit', 'gaga' (grandma) 'car' and 'byebye', followed by the most adorable little wave. I like to believe that you say 'mama' but it's so far and few between. You can carry on quite the conversation and mimic everything we say, trying out new sounds. You are a great shopping partner and enjoy 'talking' to everyone!

You are the most independent little guy, for the most part. While you have your needy moments, you will sit and play by yourself for quite some time. Your favorite toys are any sort of ball, car and this past month you learned to put little shape blocks into the bucket. You are learning to follow directions when you are asked to do something like 'put the blocks in the bucket' or 'come here'.

swimming in the pool
grilled cheese
going for walks in your little car

changing your diaper
getting in your carseat

And your 12 month photos: it's a good thing we're done with monthly shots in the chair because you want nothing to do with it!

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