Monday, April 2, 2012

Florida Fun

For the past several months, I had been dreading the arrival of March. My parents were planning to head to Florida the first weekend in March with a return date of TBD. As if this wasn't bad enough, Bryan was scheduled to be out of town for business for two weeks during that time. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to that two week period of no husband and no parents.

It was 11pm on a Friday night and I was talking to my mom on the phone when she made a comment about how we should have planned better and Easton and I could have come to visit while Bryan gone. I was bummed - why hadn't I ever thought of that?!? I guess the idea of traveling alone with a baby didn't sound ideal. Plus, what would I do with Cooper? I quickly browsed Expedia and Bing for flights over the course of the next week, convinced that the prices would be outrageous and make me feel better about not making the trip. I pondered; telling myself it wasn't worth the money, the hassle of traveling with a baby, etc.

Well, I woke up Saturday morning set on the idea of going to Florida, only to find that flights had gone up a little (and by a little, I really mean a lot!) Mad at myself for not booking the flight the night before, my mom said 'there's always next year'. But that sounded so far away. One text to my ever supportive husband and a 'pull the trigger' reply and Easton and I were headed to Florida in 6 hours.

On the drive to the airport, my stomach was in knots. I was so nervous anticipating the plane ride with an 11 month old. Traveling with a baby is no easy task, nor is it lightweight. It requires packing up your home and taking it with you. Needless to say, getting through security was a fiasco - sippy cups, formula, and baby food all needed to be tested, but we got the 'all clear' and headed on our way. First stop upon arrival to the airport, Max and Erma's for a Summer Shandy!
Waiting for the plane while mama drinks a beer!

While waiting at the gate, I struck up conversation with these ladies (4 sisters on an annual sisters trip), who couldn't stop talking about how cute Easton was and were amazed at the nerve I had to travel alone. Lucky for me, they were kind enough to offer to help with my carry on's (diaper bag, suitcase, stroller, baby) and help me get situated on the plane. And better yet, they were sitting in the row right behind us so I apologized in advance for the 'unknown behavior' and they were totally supportive and understanding, which helped ease my anxiety. They just couldn't get enough of Easton. He was such a little ham, climbing all over, peeking over seats and the girl in the seat behind couldn't resist snapping some photos of his first plane ride.
being the plane clown

Upon arrival, the girls helped me get to baggage claim (wheeled my carry on and helped hold the stroller on the escalator), where I had yet, more luggage, and my dad waiting for us. How cute is he!?!
Easton's personal chauffeur

Florida was great! Easton experienced many 'firsts', including his first plane ride, his first time in a pool, first trip to the beach (other than to Grandma and Papa's beach of course), first taste of sand and the ocean and his first time throwing a plate on the floor at a restaurant. We got to spend lots of quality time with Nanny and Grandpa Bill during our visit and (we think) they loved it!
loving the pool
swimming with Grandma
first trip to the beach
swimming with cousins Emmy and Owen
somebody's tired!
such a little ham!
with Nanny and Grandpa Bill

Four, warm, sun-filled days later and Easton and I were headed back home. And the return flight wasn't so glamorous, but I was fortunate enough to, once again, be seated next to some great folks. Originally I was to be sitting in a row, which coincidentally had another baby it in, but the stewardess asked me to move since each row only has four oxygen masks and there would have been five people in that row. So kindly, the young man sitting behind me offered to switch me seats, which I was very thankful for. I sat next to his parents, who were extremely helpful to me, on what I like to call "Nightmare on Flight 1409". I knew the flight to Florida was too good to be true! The flight home started out okay, but quickly led to a meltdown which entailed screaming and crying which resulted in crawling up and down the entire airplane (you should have seen some of the looks I got!), which led to more screaming and crying, and eventually throwing up! JOY! The stewardess was so kind to inform me that there were about six other babies up towards the front of the plan who were also screaming, so Easton wasn't the only one annoying everyone on the flight. Thankfully, after what seemed like an eternity, Easton finally settled down and the flight came to an end.

Despite the awful flight home, and the chaos of traveling alone, Easton's first vacation was one to remember. Next time, I suppose we'll take daddy!

Whoever said you can't take a spontaneous trip with a child, clearly just doesn't have the guts to try it! :)

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