Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Free Fun!

Kids aren't cheap. As a matter of fact, they're quite expensive! According to BabyCenter, the average cost of a child is over $10,000 per year. Between clothes, diapers, food, toys, daycare and healthcare, the dollars really add up quickly.

That being said, it's important to have cheap ways to entertain kids. And thanks to my mom, I'm pretty frugal  when it comes to shopping, rarely paying full price for anything. She taught me many important things about being a mom, and when it comes to spoiling your children, I've learned you can spoil them for less -- garage sales, mom2mom sales, and garbage picking - yes, that's what folks, I said garbage picking! My mom is always thinking of others -- especially when she nabs a good find on the side of the road.

Bring in: Little Tikes playhouse and climbing structure (both FREE!!!) A little dish soap and water and they are as good as new. And we share the wealth - the neighborhood kids are loving them too!

And what better way to burn a little energy than running around outside (as free as it gets!)

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  1. WOW, what a great find! Those look great (I'm in the market for both, but keep putting it off because I can't stomach the price . . . though eventually I'm going to have to get SOMETHING to give my toddler to climb on, because he's getting too clever and daring with the living room furniture!) :)

  2. That's why I love your mom! Cal has some amazing garage sale scores thanks to her.