Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Night, Night!

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On a typical night, the bedtime routine begins around 7:30pm. This is a recent change, as Easton used to be passed out by 7:30, but lately, he's been more of a night owl.  We spend the first several minutes on the stairs as Easton climbs up to the landing, giggles and laughs, and then wants to go back down rather than proceed up. He eventually makes his way all the way up and plays in his room, while we get the bath started, assuming it's bath night. Easton gets undressed and in the tub he goes.

7:45pm: Splish, splash - we spend the next 10-15 minutes in the bath! Most of this time consists of drinking the bath water, throwing the toys out of the tub, and repeatedly telling Easton to sit down, in which he mimics me by saying 'sit', then proceeds to sit down, only to stand right back up and throw more toys out of the tub. He thinks it's hilarious. We do a quick scrub down, wash his hair and then he plays while the water drains out.

8:00pm: The next several minutes are spent fighting Easton to get dressed. He is going through a phase where he hates having his diaper changed and hates laying on the changing table. Every toy in sight is used to distract him, singing 'wheels on the bus' and 'old mcdonald' and finally, after about ten minutes, we have successful applied lotion, a night diaper and jamies (speaking of, he is desperately in need of some 18 month footies). Easton spends the next couple minutes playing while I clean up from bathtime and put laundry away.

8:15pm: We pick out a couple books and read to Easton while he drinks his milk. "Reading" consists mostly of Easton turning the pages before we can finish reading that page. When the books are done, the lights go out, the music goes on and we rock Easton until his bottle is gone.
Good night pumpkin!

8:30pm: In his crib he goes with his paci, lovey and mr. monkey, or 'kiki' as he calls him. On most nights (like tonight), Easton rolls over, curls up on his knees and closes his sweet little eyes. Other nights, he does the same and just when we think he's out, we turn on the video monitor to find him jumping up and down in his bed. When this happens, he usually entertains himself in his crib until he passes out and we seldomly have to go in and lay him back down.
Sweet dreams sugar!

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  1. Easton is getting so big! I love the expression on his face in the second to last picture :)