Thursday, March 8, 2012


(about 21.5lbs, 29 inches)

Well, here are we -- the final month of your first year! And as Aunt Coll mentioned, the final month of formula!! I don't know which I'm more excited about! :)

You are growing leaps and bounds and surprising mommy and daddy with new things every day. Teeth 4, 5 & 6 made their debut early in the month, and we've gotten a little break on the teething since then. Your favorite words are "dada", "ut oh" and "ba" (ball). You have a new found love for any type of ball, point it out when you see it, and can find one any time we ask where your ball is. It's funny to watch you take Cooper's tennis ball away from him. Thankfully he is very gentle with you, but as soon as you drop it, he's quick to pick it up.
Playing with Cooper's ball

You have mastered cruising furniture, pushing your push toys, and are learning to stand on your own. Each time is for a few seconds longer than the previous. You are also very interested in going down the stairs, and are practicing very hard to remember to turn around at the top and go down backwards. You still need some reminders, but you are getting very good at it and it's so cute to watch you turn sideways and lay on your belly and then swing your legs around. You have also mastered waving this month, which entails flailing your entire arm up and down, and you also love patting your hand against your mouth while making noise (mommy calls it 'the little indian', especially when we say 'yay!', confusing it with clapping.

I think, in the past, I might have mentioned that you love to eat. You have become quite the independant little eater and love to feed yourself. New favorites include cheese, spaghettios, chicken nuggets, applesauce, hot dogs, nutri-grain bars, tortellini, vanilla wafers, ritz crackers, and kale. Our biggest challenge, new this month, is figuring out how to get you to stop throwing your food on the floor. Nothing seems to phase you - saying "NO" firmly with a deep voice tone, removing the food from in front of you, taking you out of the high chair, giving you only one piece of food at a time, etc. We are desperate for suggestions on how to nix this habit!
Loving daddy's Saturday morning blueberry pancakes

You celebrated your first Valentine's Day this month. Due to an ear infection, you spent the day with your favorite Valentine (Mommy), but we made a stop by Miss Dawn's to drop off your Valentine's to your girlfriends at daycare. Everyone loved the special treats you gave them and you got some great stuff in return, including your new bath book from Leah.

We had your first clinical trial follow-up appointment since surgery with U-M Pediatric Oncologists this month. Routine checkups for the next two years are every 3 months and will include a chest, abdomen and pelvic ct scan and/or ultrasound along with blood work to check for any abnormalities. We met with Dr. Mueller a few days later to go over the results and were beyond relieved to learn that everything looks great and there are no concerns! Now mommy and daddy (and everyone else) can breath!!
Best (and cutest) patient ever!

Well, we survived nearly 11 months without ever having to pay for a babysitter. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people who jump at the opportunity to watch you when needed, but it was inevitable - the time for a babysitter had come. I asked around for referrals and found a great babysitter right in the sub. The only problem -- we're competing with all the other young families in the sub for her time, but no worries, we've got a few dates on her calendar, and we can't use her too much or Grandma will be sad!

And last, but certainly not least, we welcomed some beautiful little ladies into the world this past month. First up, a new little girlfriend for you - Miss Emery, who not only lives right down the street, but her mommy and I happen to be great friends, which means, you'll be seeing lots of her! And mommy's cousin Ellen had her baby girl on your 11 month birthday -- your second cousin and first girl on the Young side in over 13 years - Baby Mia!! You already have so many of your own little friends, with some still on the way, and you don't even know it!

Veggies Straws
Mommy's glasses
Splashing in Cooper's water bowl
Being chased - you crawl fast and laugh hard!

I honestly can't think of one....

And some of your silly 11 month shots:

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