Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure Revealed

I'll admit it, I'm a "Bachelor" geek! You know, that ABC hit show that helps crazy, dramatic women and meathead dudes find "love". Yes, it's a ridiculous guilty pleasure of mine. And apparently same goes for my fellow Mallard Court Housewives. So, earlier this fall, while our husbands were obsessing over their fantasy football drafts, the seven of us decided to make the hot mess of a show more interesting by creating a draft for ourselves.
Meet Ben

We kicked off the season with draft night, which included watching the first half of the premier and getting a feel for the girls. We then paused the show, and gathered around the table for the draft. Two of the ladies were unable to attend, so they joined via facebook chat. We drew numbers for order, and the draft began. We created rules and a point system, and all threw in ten bucks.
 The ladies

The draft itself was a delicate process. Our point system was based on roses. For each rose a contestant received at the rose ceremony, they were awarded one point. However, there are special roses, those given for first impressions, on group dates and on 1:1 dates, so those special roses were worth extra points since they weren't your ordinary roses. The final rose was worth an additional 5 points. So when drafting, it was important to not only consider who will go the furthest, but you also have to think who will garner points for you by earning 1:1 time with the bachelor, and who will receive special, out of the ordinary roses. We each ended up with 3-4 contestants, depending on the draft order. My girls -- Holly, Emily, Nicki and Casey S. 

Let the shitshow begin. :) Each week, we gathered at someone's house, sampled a variety of pinterest recipes and drank delicious margaritas while tuning into the show and gabbing about life. We rooted for our own girls, and trash talked each others.

Halfway through the season, we were joined by Mallard Courts newest members, Julia and Austin. 

Twelve weeks later and we arrived at the finale. The draft was a blow out! Whether we liked her or not, Courtney went to the end and stole the show. Her cocky, skinny dipping, attention stealing ways scored her rose after rose, point after point, and she swept the board. Good pick, Kelly! Kelly came in 1st with 29 points and I was a close 2nd scoring 21 points.

Now the question is: will Ben and Courtney survive?? Studies show that in 16 seasons, not one Bachelor has married the girl he picked in the final. Shocker!

I am already looking forward to May 14th and the next season of The Bachelorette. I better start studying up on the contestants to make sure I draft some good ones. And I think we decided we'll play around with the rules/point system a little to make it a little more competitive.
Meet Emily

I hope she finds the "Trista&Ryan" kind of love!

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  1. I love this!! I wish I had neighbors to do this with!! Hopefully at the new house(if we ever move) the ladies will be fun like this!