Saturday, February 11, 2012

Double Digits!

(roughly 20lbs, 28 inches)

10 months old already? That means only two short little months until somebody's 1st birthday!!! And at the rate times been flying, it'll be here before we know it. I'm holding back the tears just thinking about it. Perhaps I need to get planning. I can't wait to celebrate YOU!

We have been having lots of fun lately. You are quite the busy body and love to explore. You crawl fast everywhere, nothing is slow with you. As soon as you think nobody is watching you, you make an escape for Cooper's water dish. And you've found your way behind the couch a time or two, too. You are already outsmarting mommy and daddy!

This month you took your first steps with your push toys, and have started working your way along furniture. You are gaining confidence and starting to reach for things beyond your range. It won't be long before you're walking on your own!

Your first winter has been a mild one. Don't get used to this! The weather has been warmer than average and we've had the least snow we've seen in years. It's not over though. Heck, chances are it's just beginning. And being that we live in Michigan, there's a chance we could see snow until May. We have however, made the most of it and are taking advantage of the snow when we get it. Daddy took you sledding for the first time, and to be honest, I'm not sure what you thought of it as you didn't make one facial expression. Or maybe it was the snowsuit that you weren't too sure about. :)

You're eating habits continue to be phenomenal! You are becoming a very independent little boy and love to feed yourself. Mac n' cheese, hot dogs, bananas, chicken nuggets, veggies straws, cheese and crackers are just a few of your favorites. Baby food is so 2011 with you that I have to sneak it in between bites to make sure you get a good balanced meal with fruits and veggies. Oh, and you LOVE Grandpa Bill's chicken n' rice soup, and it's one thing that you don't mind that mommy has to feed you. You are also a pro at the sippy cup now and love drinking water!

I'm usually not one to brag, but this past month you've really been favoring your mommy. Dropping you off at Miss Dawn's has gotten more and more difficult as you have learned that I sneak out when you aren't looking. The best part about it is how excited you are to see me at the end of the day. I barely walk in the door, you hear my heels on the floor and are racing to find me. It's definitely makes my day!!

Your physical appearance is changing everyday. You now have 3 teeth (2 bottom and 1 top) with 4, 5 & 6 on their way. I am hoping that is the reason for your early morning wake ups these days. And your hair has really started to grow in. It's darker and longer in the back and looks super cute when you're wearing your ball cap. You are the absolute happiest baby, always have a smile on your face and you just love to laugh. You are so ticklish and your laugh is beyond contagious.

Cooper's water dish
Throwing your food on the floor for Cooper
Mommy and Daddy's iphones
Mac n' cheese
Sippy cup
Blowing raspberries
Your giggly monkey
Mommy :)

Having your diaper changed
Diaper rash
When mommy leaves you

And an attempt at your 10 month photos:

Love you little buddy, to the moon and back!


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