Monday, December 5, 2011

The Saga continues....

Well, our weekend didn't exactly go as planned. Up until Friday, Easton was doing great and was right back to his old self. Friday morning started out normal until Easton was refusing to nap. Well I had things I needed to get done, so mom and I decided to load Easton into the car and run some errands in hopes that he'd fall asleep in the carseat. That didn't go as planned. After just a 20 minute catnap, Easton woke and was not his normal self. We were in Costco and I knew my time was limited so I made it a quick trip, but it wasn't quick enough. We get back in the car and Easton is hysterical, so we head home. I am sitting in the backseat with Easton trying to feed him and he's refusing to eat anything. He's screaming, then falling asleep, waking and screaming, then falling asleep. The next thing I know, Easton starts throwing up - this was a first for him, and me for that matter, and it totally freaked me out! My mom pulled over and we took the puke-covered baby out of the car. As a new mom, and since this was new to us, I called Easton's pediatrician who suggested I contact the pediatic surgeon who did his surgery to let them know of his status. Little did I know they would tell us to come down...but they did, so we headed to Ann Arbor.
Four hours, an x-ray, ultrasound, and labwork later, they decided to admit him to monitor him since he is a renal patient and just had major surgery. The x-ray showed that he was very backed up, and labs showed signs of dehydration and infection. Thankfully the ultrasound and no fever crossed out infection but doctors were concerned about constipation and dehydration. So back up to 7 Mott we went. Poor Easton was so uncomfortable and you could tell he didn't feel good. Suppositories helped, but we weren't going home until everything was functioning on it's own. It was a long 2 days with an uncomfortable baby to say the least.  Doctors are certain it was a case of gastroenteritis and sent us on our way first thing Sunday morning.
So we're back home now and Easton is doing much better. I think he agrees with the motto "There's no place like home"!

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  1. Man, Easton just cannot catch a break! I hope he's feeling better today.