Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Mother Nature, thank you for your abundance of sunshine lately. While my house would appreciate a rainy day so that I would clean it, I think I'd rather spend my weekend soaking up the sun! Bring on the 90 degree weekend! Dear Easton, is it really necessary for you to scream and bang on the shower door the entire time I'm in the shower lately? You know that makes mommy's shower completely unenjoyable. Dear Cooper, thank you for being so patient and playful with Easton. You really take quite the beating from him and rarely reciprocate, aside from the occassional tail whips to the face, which are completely out of your control. Dear Hubby, you are one lucky man - I hope you know that! That being said, Easton and I are pretty lucky to have you in our lives, too. Happy Father's Day! Dear Emery, Easton is super excited for your sleepover tonight!! Please be easy on Uncle Bryan, or I'll really never get a #2. haha Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day to you! Thanks for the past 29 years of having the most amazing dad. Love you! Dear Weekend, Please go by super slow! Thanks.

Easton and his dad -- me and mine !

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