Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easton's Wish List

Easton is a growing boy, with ever-changing interests. His current favorites are Mickey and Elmo, jumping on the couch or bed, pushing trucks all over the house, reading books and lining tupperware, plastic cups and bowls on his little play table. He's over the baby toys and ready for some big boy fun stuff, so we thought for Christmas this year, it's only appropriate to accommodate his interests.

1. Basketball hoop
2. Kiddie Trampoline - check
3. Tool Bench
4. Kitchen - check
5. Tunnels/Tent - check
6. iPod Touch (Bryan's wishlist for Easton so he can have his phone back!)
7. Mickey Mouse or Elmo play set with figurines he can play with
8. Play food
9. Baseball beanbag for his big boy room-in-the-making

Other ideas include books, puzzles, trucks, 2T summer clothes, and anything Michigan and/or Detroit Tigers!


  1. I love that we have essentially the same kid! I just picked up some Melissa and Doug food at Homegoods/Marshall's for a steal!

  2. Homegoods and Marshalls are awesome for marked down Melissa and Doug stuff!!

  3. Great list :)
    New follower from www.ohsoamelia.com