Monday, July 25, 2011

A quick recap

We had a very busy 2010 – we got a dog, Cooper, we sold our house in Redford, started building a house in South Lyon, moved in with my parents (for what was suppose to be 3 short months), and got pregnant. Little did we know we’d be living with my parents not 1 or 2...but 8 months pregnant! An October/November completion date of our house turned into Christmas, then Valentine’s Day, and as your due date approached, we were getting nervous that you would arrive before the house was ready. Thankfully, the builders got their act together and we were in with 1 month to spare. One can imagine what that month consisted of – not only was I nesting, but I was nesting in an empty house full of boxes. With the help of many, our house was put together and ready for you in no time!

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